Turn video views on your website into customers.
In 5 minutes.

Turn video views on your website into customers.
In 5 minutes.

Origits is a video platform that combines one-click video player installation and integrated marketing tools. One tag controls everything, making it simple to get started quickly.

Works seamlessly with the tools you already use

A unified video-serving suite

  • Run video campaings right on your website

    Video may help you do more than simply deliver your message; it can also help you create leads and increase revenue. In contrast to well-known video sites, Origits helps to boost traffic, sales, and client acquisition by not only displaying video but also running targeted video campaigns and using video A/B tests.

  • Video player designed to reach more audience

    A player can be set over any website element or in between content sections with the use of specially built video units, which increases audience reach by up to 70% compared to traditional ways of displaying video. Furthermore, you will have complete control over where and how frequently the video is displayed.

  • Use one tag to control everything

    Install a single tag and handle all aspects of video display, hosting, and management from a handy and plain web app with insightful reports. The video player can be set up with a single mouse click as you browse your website inside the panel. Starting up literally only takes five minutes.


Origits combines powerful features to cover any aspect of video marketing
  • All-purpose player

    Remove any limitation of the usual player layout – add it over the website header, in content or over any visible block as well as in lightbox.

  • One-click installation

    Add player with one header tag on any website page in a user-friendly web interface without additional editing of a website source code.

  • Custom CTA

    Add custom call to action buttons on the player. Custom call to action buttons show below the video during playback and after the video screen.

  • Collecting Leads

    Collect leads with a custom message and a funny success message for those who leave an email. You can use a success message to deliver your marketing campaign benefits to potential clients.

  • Video hosting

    The repository for all of your video creativity with a flexible usage-based pricing model.

  • Video Encoding

    Use an API-based engine to encode your video into different streaming formats on the fly.

  • Multilingual

    Every text component of the player is carefully translated into 27 languages, which allows you to get better audience engagement based on visitor browser language.

  • Lightweight

    The weight of the core video player is just 29kb which returns rapid execution time and zero latency.

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