Turn video on a website into a revenue growth engine

Whenever you run a media, agency, e-commerce or product website, you can now promote anything to your visitors with a video right on your website pages without taking into account any specific knowledge about video delivery, player set up or modifying website source, or setting up a complex hardware stack.

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  • All-purpose player

    Remove any limitation of the usual player layout – add it over the website header, in content or over any visible block as well as in lightbox.

  • One-click installation

    Add player with one header tag on any website page in a user-friendly web interface without additional editing of a website source code.

  • Lightweight

    The weight of the core video player is just 29kb which returns rapid execution time and zero latency.

  • After video screen

    Just a part of the visitors watching a video to the last second, but they are your most engaged audience, based on video purposes you can show them different screens from another call to action button to lead collect form.

  • After video screen control

    Keep your engaged audience in possession, simply adjusting the amount of time to disappear "after the video screen" for the visitor.

  • Close button

    Video player and units build by design to disappear on the website. Allow your audience to close the player on every time they want.

  • Control audience annoyance

    A part of the audience is always clicking the close button, we give you control over which time range it is possible to show a video to them again.

  • Device independ

    No matter which device website visitors use, units work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Frequency control

    Get control over how often or which page interaction show video and when to show it again.

  • Offset control

    Sometimes you need to push the audience to watch the video or skip it immediately. We add full control of the skip or close button offset no matter which instruction comes from the 3rd part server.

  • Responsive

    The layout of the player and units is fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size and device.

Video source

  • Video hosting

    The repository for all of your video creativity with a flexible usage-based pricing model.

  • Video Encoding

    Use an API-based engine to encode your video into different streaming formats on the fly.

  • Poster support

    Add an image video poster to any of your videos to show the bright preview while the video is loading or until the user hits the play button.

  • VAST support

    We support IAB VAST standards right out of the box. No need to install any plugins or read endless documentation to implement video ads on a website.


  • Brand visibility

    Make your product visible to the audience with a brand name and logotype right on the player.

  • Group by source

    You get maximum flexibility and accuracy by managing all your campaigns in one panel with different settings for each.


  • Custom CTA

    Add custom call to action buttons on the player. Custom call to action buttons show below the video during playback and after the video screen.

  • Collecting Leads

    Collect leads with a custom message and a funny success message for those who leave an email. You can use a success message to deliver your marketing campaign benefits to potential clients.

  • Social media boost

    Increase the number of people who follow you on social media. Instead of using boring standard social media share buttons, direct only engaged visitors to your social media profiles on all major platforms.


  • Annoyance level

    We track every click on the close button and make a report about which parts of the audience get annoyed by videos on the websites. You've never had a report like this before.

  • CTR

    Stay informed about every click on your video or call to action buttons.

  • Engagement level

    Get insights into the number of visitors actually viewing the video and which part of the audience completes it.

  • Impression analytics

    Get an understanding of what part of a website's audience actually scrolls to the video player or gets it in the viewport.

  • Location analytics

    Get reports about which country's audience engages most with the video on a website

Visibility & Brand Safety

  • Ad label

    If you run videos on the website for internal marketing needs, we let you remove the ad-mark for in-house campaigns.

  • Remove Origits branding

    Instantly remove our branding from a video player.

  • Verification

    Support for all major ad verification and measurement trackers. (coming soon)

  • Viewability

    Our viewability tool is based on the modern browser Intersection Observer API and in-house libraries, which allows us to start showing video only to visitors when it is indeed attracting their attention.


  • Multilingual

    Every text component of the player is carefully translated into 27 languages, which allows you to get better audience engagement based on visitor browser language.

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