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The article provides a concise guide to adding videos to your website using the Origits platform.

How to add your video to the site

Upload your video

  1. Go to the Videos section and click + Add video button, or select Upload video from the top + Add drop down menu.
  2. Drag and drop your video to the drop zone, or press the Choose files button to select the video from your device.
  3. You can tweak video details and options while the video finishes uploading and processing:
    • Video title displaying below the video on the video page.
    • Video thumbnail will be created during video processing. You can remove it and upload your own.
    • Enable Call to action section  to attach the clickable element with the text and link to your video. It could be a button, a panel or entire video clickable depending on video unit type.
    • End screen section contains interactive elements that display after the video has finished. It could be another Call-to-action button, buttons with social network links or an email capturing form.
  4. After processing the video, you'll be able to get the link to your video page in the Video details panel ready for sharing.

Add your website

  1. Go to Sites section and click + Add site button, or select Add site from the top + Add drop down menu.
  2. Type the URL address of your site's home page (e.g. and click + Add site button.
  3. Copy javascript code from the panel and paste it in your site's html code at the end of "head" section, just before the closing </head> tag. Make sure you have applied the changes and Origits javascript code is presented on the all of your site's pages where you want to create video units.
  4. Return to the Origits manage panel, confirm "code have been added" checkbox and click Verify Site button.
  5. You should see your site on the Sites page with the Active status.

Create video unit

  1. Go to Sites section and select your site.
  2. Select the Units section from the top menu.
  3. Press the + Add unit button.
  4. Select video unit type and title and press Setup unit button.
  5. Optional: Specify the page URL where you want to setup the video unit in the top address bar.
  6. Optional: You can switch between Desktop and Mobile layout.
  7. Select and place the video unit on your site's pages using Origits online editor.

Warning! Some sites layout depending on the technology, do not allow to use Origits online editor to place video units. If you are having trouble with video unit setup, press Manual setup button. Then, you can specify video unit placement with css selector manually or press Get unit code button in the Unit placement panel and follow the instructions in the opening dialog.

  1. Click Apply for this page if you want to see the video unit only on this page, or Apply for all pages if you want to see it on all the similar pages.
  2. Setup unit behavior with the options:
    • Unit placement - manage where your video appears on your site
    • Playlist - choose which videos this unit should play
    • Closed unit appears again - specify the cooldown time when user click "close" button (*)
    • User can skip video - set time after "close" button become active (*)
    • Session interaction frequency - control when video unit appears for the user
    • After video screen lifetime - set time before video unit disappears from the page (*)
    • Remove Origits branding

*(for outstream, overlay and marquee units)