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Origits is a video platform for business and marketing teams that streamlines video management on websites. It controls video with a single java script tag, enables video hosting with varied capabilities, and provides video units that bring social media-like video experiences to websites. The purpose of Origits is to make video-related website function more quickly and easily, resulting in better commercial and marketing results.

Origits is a video platform for business and marketing teams that allows them to add a diverse video experience to their company's website without touching the source code. Origits transforms and speeds up every video-related operation by transforming the way video is managed and shown on websites.

Origits is not like other video-focused websites. Instead of creating another video platform, we use the benefits of an ad management server, design several video units rather than a video player, and develop a single tag to install and manage video on website pages. As a result, the complete process of video management for websites becomes more quicker and simpler.

Origits are based on three main components:

Video control tag

Instead of embedding a video in a particular part of the website, Origits relies on a single java script tag in the site header, allowing the setup of a video player in a user-friendly web panel directly on the customer's website without the need for code modification.

Video hosting

Video hosting with a wide range of capabilities, from a clean and sparkling video player to quick video encoding to a variety of modern formats.

Video units

Video units are designed to bring the video experience that users are used to on major social media platforms to any website. Video units, which are designed with the purpose of providing the greatest possible user experience, enable for the distribution of video in more ways than only via a video player.

Starting with Origits may seem different from working with other platforms, but once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll be able to handle any video-related work on your website in minutes.

We sincerely believe this approach will make it much simpler to manage any activity related to extending the site functionality with video and delivering better commercial and marketing results.